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Capital Metro is Canberra's light rail project and an important part of the ACT Government’s vision to deliver a truly sustainable and creative city as set out in The Canberra Plan (2008).

The world’s best and most liveable cities all have excellent transport systems, designed and planned in tandem with land use to create walkable, people friendly communities with a range of transport options.

Transport is critical to our vision of a sustainable city and the Transport for Canberra strategy has set the foundation for transport planning over the next 20 years. It aims to create a transport system that puts people first and links new development to investment in public transport.

However, Capital Metro is not just a transport project.

Experience in over 400 locations worldwide has shown that effective and reliable light rail solutions can attract investment and employment opportunities, bring environmental benefits and encourage more active lifestyles.

Light rail has proven to transform cities into more productive, sustainable and liveable places. These broader benefits make light rail the right choice for one of Canberra's busiest and fastest growing corridors between the City and Gungahlin.

Further information on the project objectives can be found here and details on current activities and progress can be found at the City to Gungahlin pages.

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Capital Metro in 1 Minute - Transcript