Project Objectives

Capital Metro's vision for the project is:

To boost Canberra's sustainable growth by changing and improving transport options, settlement patterns and employment opportunities.

The objectives are set out below:

  • Increase the mode share of public transport: Capital Metro will increase the use of public transport. The main focus is to get people out of their cars and on to Capital Metro. A new, legible and easy to use service will generate trips, particularly into the central retail and commercial precinct of Civic. To do this the service needs to be safe, convenient, attractive, frequent, reliable, affordable and integrated with a modified bus and pedestrian network. The bus services and light rail service will operate in an integrated way to deliver a better all round service for customers.
  • Optimise frequency and service reliability: Light rail on dedicated tracks is one of the most reliable forms of public transport service. Capital Metro will provide commuters and other users with high levels of on-time running.
  • Affordable capital and operational costs: The service will be developed with financial prudence and value for money outcomes for the ACT.
  • Grow a more diversified Canberra economy: Capital Metro will be a direct and indirect stimulus to a Canberra economy that needs to diversify its base to reduce the reliance on government administration and defence. The service supports economic activity in many ways including:
    • Supporting vital connections between people to stimulate business innovation.
    • Attracting and retaining skilled workers, enterprising businesses and students with a world-class transport service.
    • Efficient access to services thereby boosting productivity.
    • In addition, during construction the project will generate new direct and indirect jobs.
  • Stimulate sustainable, urban re-development along the corridor: The Northbourne Avenue Corridor is identified in the City Plan as an area for significant smart growth via re-development. Capital Metro is a complementary project that supports higher density land use, which in turn increases patronage on the service.
  • Increase social and economic participation: The service will provide greater opportunities for non-motor vehicle owning people to access jobs, education, health services and other social activities.
  • Revitalise the Northbourne Avenue corridor: The Northbourne Avenue Corridor is a gateway to Canberra for residents entering the City or visitors entering from the north. Revitalisation will make it a more active and socially connected precinct for all types of Canberrans and a fitting gateway to the nation's capital. The Capital Metro will increase activity at ground level and boost the image of the City.
  • Reduce carbon and other emissions: The additional passenger capacity and demand will replace trips by motor vehicle and consequently reduce greenhouse emissions. In addition, other motor vehicle emissions such as particulate matter, nitric oxides and carbon monoxide will also be reduced.